Lake City Ice Fest 2018

I have been going to the Lake City Ice Fest for about 4 years, it’s always been a blast! This year was no different and after last year the city took over the management of the Ice Park. They made some awesome additions, including a fire pit and a warming hut!

Three amazing thing happened this year at the fest, Sarah competed and finished all 4 laps on the ice wall,  our friend Jess who had been hesitant about competing, finished in 3rd and finally Greg won the Grand Prize Raffle that we were all unaware of!

Here are some photos!

The only spot of blue all day!
Greg working his way up the first Route!
Sarah nervously roping up!
Having completed the first route, and beat her time by 2 minutes- AMAZING!!! All Smiles!

Three quarters through the day it began to snow heavily, sideways. It was a blast.

Jess picking up her prize! WOOT! 

I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked to, but the snow left my nice camera in the truck.

Greg and I stayed to climb on Sunday then instead of climbing like we wanted to on Monday, we ended up driving home ahead of a storm. It was still another one for the books! Looking forward to next year!

Fun-time with our buddies! love my family. 
Sunday was a great climbing day!

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