Grey Rock

Sarah FINALLY got cleared to go hiking, which was amazing! We decided to go up near Fort Collins and hike Grey Rock at the mouth of the Poudre Canyon. I climbed this back in 2011, so it was really interesting to see just how much I remembered.

Though it is technically winter, we still have yet to HAVE winter… it was still dry and in the mid 40’s. Some years we don’t really get snow until Feb/March, and this is apparently one of those years.

Sarah, Bowie and I started off from the trailhead around 9AM, and started off over the bridge.

It was pretty quiet on the way up, not really many others on the trail, but it was so much more awesome than I remember it!

Bowie decided Sarah was alright, and we could keep her. 

We arrived at the big plateau at the base of Grey Rock, and realized that with the dog, we probably couldn’t get up to the summit.

Bowie’s first REAL hike!

We had such a nice hike, and Sarah finished strong! She was grinning all day long, it was so great to see her back in her element!


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