Sedona to Indian Creek

Probably our best morning so far of the trip, we woke up to the warm sun on the truck heating up the surrounding landscape.

Our truck set up is pretty sweet. 

We ate a quick breakfast snack, and coffee then packed up the truck and headed north west to Sedona and hopefully some hiking.

We stopped once we arrived nearby for breakfast, real breakfast, and coffee.


We decided that since we hadn’t bought anything this trip that we would pick up a few things in Sedona, and stopped at a GIANT art place.

SEEEE we really are in Arizona? We got new numbers for our house, and a ristra for the kitchen. 

We thought we’d stop and hike, but not a single parking lot had room, and we really didn’t have the time to wait. We continued up the canyon from Sedona to Flagstaff, which was an incredibly beautiful drive. I want to go back there so bad and spend time on my bike, and hiking.

Looking down canyon towards Sedona. 

We didn’t arrive at Indian Creek until 9 at night, set up our bed, and hung out by the fire with everyone for a while until we were too tired.

Tomorrow some nasty crack climbing in 40 degree weather, who could ask for a better way to end 2017.


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