Reflections on 30 by 30

The day after I summited my last two peaks was my 30th birthday. I was out the door early for work; it was 66 degrees at 6:00AM… and by 9:00AM it was 12 degrees and snowing. I got very lucky.

I’ve been told during the course of my life that I’m not great at finishing goals. I get all these great ideas, but never follow through with them. I am more than happy that I proved to others, and myself, that I could finish something. I am still in awe that I managed to finish all 30 mountains- the weather didn’t cooperate as often as I would have liked, but it was amazing nonetheless.

Throughout the last eleven months, I changed. I can’t quite pinpoint the exact manner, I just feel different. I found strength and determination I didn’t know existed. More than once I almost bailed on a peak, but I forced myself to continue. I am eternally grateful to all of my hiking and climbing partners that endeavored many of these missions with me. Thank you.

I’ve been asked, “What big thing will you do next?”. My answer, thus far has been- “I have no idea.”

I felt a little lost after 30 by 30 had been completed. I had spent so much time planning each peak, and executing– that I had a huge gap to be filled in my time. At first I just sat around, worked extra hours, drank lots of beer, ate lots of food, and ceased to do any sort of exercise.

By the beginning of January- I had gained about 10 lbs- I realized that I needed to get out of that funk. So, I began running again, and ice climbing. I had something to work towards- I signed up for a 8 mile trail race in May, and rolled over my half marathon registration for Nov, 7 2015.

I regained my purpose, and my drive to train.

I’ve learned a lot a bout myself over the past year, and I’m a person who needs goals- something to work towards. Right now, that is the half marathon- who knows what will be next! But I’m excited to get there.

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Running, and the rest of Feb.

February was a very slow month, I mostly ran about 3 days a week, climbed in the gym, and drank beer for Stout Month.

I am training for my half marathon- and it was going wonderfully! I was up to about 2-4 miles 3 times a week, and training on hills.

Here is a cute pudgy squirrel near the Capitol building.


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Lake City Ice Festival

This gallery contains 7 photos.

I joined a group of folk that I know through at the Lake City Ice Fest, down in Lake City, CO. We stayed at a lovely little Hostel called “Raven’s Rest”- in a bunk style room. It was within … Continue reading

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